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Winter play activities with snow; do not let the cold keep you inside. There are fun things you and your family can do outside as well. I’m a big fan of using whatever natural resources you have and using them as a learning experience.   Winter Play Activities With Snow (Outdoors). Snow gives us options! Options to play, build and create. Just ensure your family is dressed appropriately. A weatherproof jacket, trousers, boots and gloves are a must. If you are lucky enough to have snow you can try these outdoor play ideas. Build a snowman. Snowball fight. Snowball target practice. Follow the leader whilst only stepping in others’ footprints. Make snow angels. Make a snow castle.   Winter Play Activities With Snow (Indoors) You can extend the fun your family has with snow by bringing some of it indoors. Just select the area carefully, a non-carpeted room is best. Keep towels to hand in case of any spills.   Snow Painting! This toddler activity is super low-prep and packed full of fun. Materials: bowl, snow, food colouring (primary colours), water and a dropper. Simply, add snow to a bowl, give them some food colouring mixed with water and a dropper. Ask your child to predict what will happen when two colours mix. Then allow

Lisa Forsythe

Teacher, mum and author of Simple Activities for Toddlers: A Practical Play-At-Home Handbook for Parents.