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I have loads of fun and engaging Easter activities for toddlers that do not all revolve around chocolate. These simple toddler Easter activities make Easter fun for parents and toddlers. If you would like some Easter printables you can purchase some here. There are festive puzzles, mazes, colouring pages, letter practice and many games.   Easter Sensory Activity. Five Little Easter Bunnies! Find the hidden Easter eggs is a scoop and pour activity. I didn’t tell Thomas there were a couple of chocolate eggs hidden under the rice. He was delighted to find that treasure, just like the bunnies were in the book. I used this activity for: -Colour recognition (scoop same colour rice into the same egg). -Hand eye coordination. - Rice shakers to play along to the song Five Little Bunnies. - Re-enact the searching for eggs in the story.   Marbled Paper Easter Basket! We marbled paper using shaving cream and food colouring. To make: First, add a small amount of water to the food colouring. Then use pipettes to add it to the shaving foam and mixed the colours around. Next, press pieces of paper onto the shaving foam and then scrape off the excess. Once dry, cut out some rough egg shapes. Finally, it is time to decorate. On two, we glued

Lisa Forsythe

Teacher, mum and author of Simple Activities for Toddlers: A Practical Play-At-Home Handbook for Parents.