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Activities Easter Activities For Toddlers

Easter Activities For Toddlers

I have loads of fun and engaging Easter activities for toddlers that do not all revolve around chocolate. These simple toddler Easter activities make Easter fun for parents and toddlers.

If you would like some Easter printables you can purchase some here. There are festive puzzles, mazes, colouring pages, letter practice and many games.


Easter sensory activity

Easter Sensory Activity.

Five Little Easter Bunnies!
Find the hidden Easter eggs is a scoop and pour activity. I didn’t tell Thomas there were a couple of chocolate eggs hidden under the rice. He was delighted to find that treasure, just like the bunnies were in the book.
I used this activity for:
-Colour recognition (scoop same colour rice into the same egg).
-Hand eye coordination.
– Rice shakers to play along to the song Five Little Bunnies.
– Re-enact the searching for eggs in the story.


Easter Activities For Toddlers
Marbled Paper Easter Basket!

We marbled paper using shaving cream and food colouring.

To make:

First, add a small amount of water to the food colouring. Then use pipettes to add it to the shaving foam and mixed the colours around. Next, press pieces of paper onto the shaving foam and then scrape off the excess.
Once dry, cut out some rough egg shapes. Finally, it is time to decorate. On two, we glued on some sequins and the other two we used Easter stickers.
Find a container, to glue on the marbled paper egg decorations.


Baking with kids

Easter Cupcakes.

Because Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate.

Little carrot cupcakes!

Baking with kids teaches them so many skills. Whether it’s hand muscle strengthening, coordination, food preparation, food hygiene etc these are valuable skills. Don’t worry about the mess, things can be cleaned and kids are washable.

We used this recipe: (minus the frosting).


Fun toddler activity

Easter Wish Tree!

We spoke about what Thomas would like for Easter and I wrote it on paper and placed inside some reusable decorative Easter eggshells. No surprises, he would like chocolate, cookies and grapes.
We decorated some Easter eggshells with stickers and hung them with string onto twigs. Then we planted it in a pot and wrapped the pot in wrapping paper.


Fun toddler activity

Feed the Easter Bunny.

This is a great activity if your child likes to hide things.
All you need is a cardboard box, orange popsicle sticks, green pipe cleaners, glue and a drawing of the Easter Bunny.

Simply draw a outline of the Easter Bunny and glue it to a cardboard box. Cut a hole for the Easter Bunny´s mouth and tummy. Make some carrots out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. Finally, playtime! Your child will enjoy feeding the bunny.


simple toddler activity

Decorate the Easter Bunny!

To begin, trace an Easter Bunny outline on clear contact. Next, stick it on a vertical surface. Your child covers the design in cotton balls. For an extra touch, your child can cover the space outside of the bunny with coloured cellophane.


Easter Activities for toddlers

Mosaic Easter Egg!

Draw an oval on contact paper, provide coloured square pieces of paper for your toddler to stick onto the contact. It’s great if you can place this on a vertical surface so your child can build up their upper body strength and cross the midline.
It makes a great piece of Easter window art.


Fun toddler activity

Easter Egg Decorating.

This is a simple, fun and engaging Easter activity for kids. Simply draw an Easter egg shape on paper. Then, draw various types of lines for your child to cover with the various items (pre-writing).Items such as stickers, jewels, buttons and sequins are great. To extend your child´s learning you may wish to practice pattern making. To do this, we made an AB pattern on the middle line.

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