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Spring Activities For Toddlers

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. Generally speaking, spring activities for toddlers are always so bright and cheerful. As a result, they lift our spirits after a long winter. Similarly, these activities provide a great excuse to get outdoors and collect some natural treasures to use in a wide variety of activities. Ultimately, all the activities I have included for you to try use natural or upcycled materials and focus on developing your child’s foundational skills. If you enjoy these activities, why not share them with a friend!

Spring Process Art

To begin, I have a favourite mantra I want to share with you, ‘process over product’. Process art is all about the experience children have while they’re creating something. The end product may be beautiful, but it isn’t the focus of this type of art.

To create this artwork, use some different varieties of flowers and dip them in various coloured paints and dab on paper. Your child can explore the mixing of colours as they progress through the activity. It will end up having great texture as some of the petals become embedded in the artwork.
Once dry, glue on some of the flowers they have used to make the painting.


spring activities for toddlers

Butterfly Suncatcher

Suncatchers brighten up anyone’s day. This is one of our favourite spring activities for toddlers. Creating a suncatcher that is mobile, like a wand, means your child can enjoy the colours outside and explore how they change on a variety of surfaces. Thus, extending the fun!

To make:
1. Draw a butterfly on thick paper or cardboard.
2. Cut it out leaving openings for cellophane paper.
3. We sponge painted one side (see earlier our earlier post with pipe cleaner sea creatures and sponge painting.
4. Cut cellophane into pieces to fit each opening of the butterfly.
5. Your child matches the cellophane to the correct opening and glues it on.
6. Repeat until finished.
7. Glue on a stick so your little one can fly the butterfly and easily play with the colour reflections on various surfaces.

Nature Wand

Spring Nature Wand!

A nature wand is the perfect way to incorporate nature into play. Also, collecting natural treasures for this activity is a useful way to encourage your child to look closely at their surroundings. For the most part, wands are simple and fun for children to make. Toddlers can make them from anything they find in their garden or on  a walk in the park. Even better, it is an activity that can be done at any time of the year.

We have all witnessed our child forming a bond with a stick whilst out exploring. It’s a great way to repurpose it and include it in a craft activity before it is incorporated into imaginary play.

Pro tip, the stick needs to be a relatively decent diameter, too thin and it will snap.

* Stick.
* Masking tape (or similar).
* Various natural pieces from outside (flowers, leaves, feathers..)

First, wrap flower stems around the stick.

Next, secure with tape (they will need help).

Then, use the tape to secure other treasures they collected.


spring activities for toddlers

Spring Flower Threading

Combine nature with art!

As you can see, flowers can actually serve as really great inspiration for some beautiful kids’ artwork!

Young children love to collect flowers while playing and exploring outdoors. Flowers are a fun way to incorporate a little bit of nature into early learning and play, and it puts all of those flower collections to good use.

Weaving activities are one of our favourites. Children are always thrilled to create their own designs, patterns and choose colours. Better yet, they’re having a whole lot of fun and improving many skills all at the same time. Such skills include, fine motor, concentration, focus, creativity and independence.

To create your own spring flower threading activity, you will need flowers and a drying rack. Next, weave the flowers onto the drying rack. After that, explore what the design looks like against various nature backdrops.


planting activities for toddlers

Planting Activities For Toddlers

There are so many benefits for kids to be involved in this. To name a few:

  • Learning where food comes from.
  • Encourages healthy eating.
  • Engages all senses.
  • Fine motor development.
  • Awareness of environment and our responsibility for it.

Firstly, planting is for everyone. Even if you’re in a small apartment, indoor plants or small potted herbs on the windowsill are better than nothing.

Secondly, every time we go for my son notices flowers, the change in leaves etc. I encourage you to use natural spaces around you to learn about plants and their life cycle.

Furthermore, toddlers love to help, especially watering plants. In other words, if you have plants or herbs, involve them in the process of keeping them alive.

️On the other-hand, if you have the space, try and plant a few vegetables- carrots and radishes are easy. The fact they grow underground is fascinating for little ones.

️Finally, you can also upcycle items you already have to grow plants in. As pictured above, we have used an old boot and an oversized mug.

upcycled spring flowers

Bottle Lid Daisies.

Yet another quick and simple upcycled activity. Few resources are required for this activity. To start, grab those recyclables, you only need bottle lids, pipe cleaners and a tube. Note, we didn’t even glue them down, they have just been arranged to form flowers in a vase. Hence, Spring activities for toddlers do not have to be complicated in order to be fun.


upcycled bee craft

Bee Craft

Springtime means lots of insects and bugs- especially bees! Daily, we see them busily buzzing around which leads to lots of questions from my curious son.

To make this bee craft:

Paint a toilet roll yellow.

Once it is dry, paint black stripes on the bee.

Lastly, glue on some felt / paper wings, pipe cleaner antenna and googly eyes.


spring flower crown activity

Flower Crown 

Making a child-friendly flower crown is a fun nature craft that gets little ones outdoors collecting flowers, feathers, grass, and leaves. An added bonus is once they have them on their heads the flower crowns will inspire imaginary play.

Our family enjoys making things from nature and I hope others do too. Moreover, we as a society, have too much ‘stuff’ in our lives, so I love the fact these crowns last a short while.

Please watch this video for the step-by-step process to make this crown. I´ll list the materials here but would love you to watch the video tutorial.

•       Flowers and leaves collected fresh from the garden.
•       Thick brown paper (amazon packaging).
•       String.
•       Glue.
•       Scissors.
•       Tape.


Share these Spring Activities for Toddlers!

To conclude, I hope you and your children enjoy these fun spring activities for toddlers. If so, please share them with your friends. Let´s brighten up as many people´s springtime as possible.

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