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Activities Winter Play Activities With Snow (Indoors and Outdoors).
winter activities for toddlers

Winter Play Activities With Snow (Indoors and Outdoors).

Winter play activities with snow; do not let the cold keep you inside. There are fun things you and your family can do outside as well. I’m a big fan of using whatever natural resources you have and using them as a learning experience.


Winter Play Activities With Snow (Outdoors).

Snow gives us options! Options to play, build and create. Just ensure your family is dressed appropriately. A weatherproof jacket, trousers, boots and gloves are a must.

If you are lucky enough to have snow you can try these outdoor play ideas.

  1. Build a snowman.
  2. Snowball fight.
  3. Snowball target practice.
  4. Follow the leader whilst only stepping in others’ footprints.
  5. Make snow angels.
  6. Make a snow castle.


Winter Play Activities With Snow (Indoors)

You can extend the fun your family has with snow by bringing some of it indoors. Just select the area carefully, a non-carpeted room is best. Keep towels to hand in case of any spills.


winter snow activities

Snow Painting!

This toddler activity is super low-prep and packed full of fun.

Materials: bowl, snow, food colouring (primary colours), water and a dropper.

Simply, add snow to a bowl, give them some food colouring mixed with water and a dropper.

Ask your child to predict what will happen when two colours mix.

Then allow your child to explore what happens when two colours mix by using the dropper to deposit watercolour to the snow. Using the dropper is fantastic for developing fine motor skills.


snow imaginative play

Dramatic Snow Play! Rescue the people.

Dramatic play is not only a lot of fun but it’s great for experimenting with social roles and developing vocabulary. It is also incredible for fostering imagination and creativity. What’s important is that your child is using their imagination without rules or expectations.

To setup, we added snow to a large shallow tray and added some construction vehicles. Your toddler can pretend to drive heavy snow plow trucks and clear the roads.


winter activities with snow

Snow Shapes!

Use playdough shape cutters / cookie cutters to make impressions in the snow. Then match each cutter to the correct shape.
Another idea is to form a shape using a cutter and remove the shape to the side of the container. Then match the shape back to the impression left in the snow.



Winter Play Activities With Snow

Winter Book Play Activities

The Gruffalo’s Child is a well-loved story in our home. You can use any winter-themed book you have at home for book play.
For this setup, I printed out some finger puppet characters from and laminated them. Finger puppets are great way to further engage your toddler in the story.

Add some snow, pinecones and loose parts to a large shallow tray. Allow your toddler to explore the items freely and retell the story. My son loved creating footprints in the snow and matching the characters to those in the story.


Winter Play Activities With Snow

Snowy Animal Small World

Create a magical, snowy small world play scene by placing some snow in a large shallow tray.

Add some water to a smaller tray and place it in the larger tray to catch any unwanted spills.

Simply add animal figurines and let your little one play with the items.


winter process art

Snow Process Art

This is a lot of fun and super easy for little hands to create. It is also a great card idea for Valentine’s Day.

Materials: thick watercolour paper, snow, tissue paper, toilet roll, shallow tray and white paint.

To make:
In a shallow tray, place a piece of watercolour paper.

Next, tear pieces of coloured tissue paper and laid them on top.

Then, cover it in snow and watch the colours bleed onto the paper.

Once it was dry, use a toilet roll (bent into a rough heart-shape), and dip it in white paint.


small world toddler activities

 Snowy Small World.

This is just an idea. You can make your snowy small world a lot less busy with less play items. My son was super into exploring shapes, moulds and having a range of animal figurines, people and vehicles. He spent a lot of time engaging with this activity; hence the large range of play items.

To make: 

We used sand moulds to try and construct an igloo for the people to live in. It was quite the investigation of which shapes would fit best together and for the people to fit inside the structure. It was a great activity for developing patience and resilience.
Then over time, my son added some snowy animals, vehicles and loose parts to play with. He took it to another level as he wanted some water for the whales to swim in.


Winter Play Activities With Snow (Indoors and Outdoors).

As you can see there are lots of ways to have fun in winter with snow, both indoors and outdoors. Bringing some snow indoors maximises playtime for kids without having to worry about them being cold for long periods of time.


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