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Activities Christmas Activities for Toddlers
Christmas activities for toddlers

Christmas Activities for Toddlers

I hope you enjoy these simple and fun Christmas activities for toddlers. These are a great place to start to get your child into the Christmas spirit. Let me know if you try any of these Christmas Activities for Toddlers on Instagram  or Facebook

Christmas reindeer

Handprint Reindeer

This is so simple, but a great keepsake to remind you of how small their little hands once were.

Simply, paint their hand with brown paint and press down onto paper. Once dry, glue on a red pom pom for the nose and two googly eyes. Use a marker to draw the cord of Christmas lights around the border of the page. Your child uses finger paints to create the Christmas lights.



Christmas tinker tray play

Festive Invitation to Create.

One of the most popular Christmas activities for toddlers are tinker trays. In the tray are a bunch of various craft supplies like pipe cleaners, pom poms, jewels, ribbon, feathers and gift bows for your child to tinker with. It’s an open-ended activity that allows your child to create something out of the materials provided.


Christmas stocking fine motor

Christmas Stocking!

This is a fabulous festive fine motor activity for toddlers. It is really three activities in one.

To begin, cut a rough stocking shape out of felt. Your child can decorate it with festive stickers.
Next, place the letters of your child’s name out of order for them to stick on the stocking in the right order.
Lastly, use a hole punch to create holes around the edge of the stocking. Provide your child with a lace for them to practice threading.



Christmas crown for toddlers

Christmas Crown!

This is a great way to get into the festive spirit. We used foam as the base but it can be done with cardboard.
Firstly, measure your child´s head. Then, cut out a length of foam or cardboard slightly larger than their head measurement. Your child uses Christmas stickers, jewels and other craft items that you have to decorate the crown.
Finally, I recommend using a hot glue gun to secure all the pieces in place and join the crown together. It will last longer!


toddler activity

Handmade Photo Frame.

This is a terrific Christmas present idea!

To start, glue four popsicle sticks together to make a square frame. Next, your child decorates it with jewels. Then, glue a photo of your child to a slightly bigger piece of paper. Glue the piece of paper with the photo on it, to the back of the frame.


sensory bags

Snowflake Sensory Bags.

You could make just one sensory bag but I made two to develop my son´s ability to describe differences. This is a super calming activity after a busy day.

How-to make the sensory bags.

Use rubbing alcohol to clear the brand name off of the bags. Draw a snowflake on each bag. Then fill them with the ingredients listed below and seal them shut. Note: use packing tape to create a child-proof seal over the zip lock.

1 zip lock bag has:
Shaving foam.
Blue food colouring.
Ice cubes.
Small pom poms.

The 2nd bag has:
Clear hair gel.
Blue food colouring.
Cotton balls.

These bags allow children to practice their fine motor skills and push all the cotton balls the centre of the snowflake. They can also work on their  positional and descriptive language.

Sensory tray activity for toddlers

Christmas Sensory Tray and Loose Parts.

Get the recipe for dying rice here.

Dye some rice red and green. Add some wooden loose parts, pom poms, gift bows and a wooden scoop.



activities for toddlers

Snowflake Christmas Ornaments!

These look gorgeous on your Christmas tree or make excellent gift ideas.

Glue four popsicle sticks together in a snowflake shape. Glue on jewels or pom poms to decorate them. Tie some string onto the snowflake to form a loop. Hang it on your Christmas tree as a handmade ornament.

Christmas activities for toddlers

Christmas Water Play for Toddlers.

This toddler activity encourages the imagination to run wild. It was designed to engage the senses, ‘the smell of Christmas’.

Place in a tray: warm water, orange slices, fir leaves, pinecones, conkers, ginger, cinnamon and cranberries.

To play: your child can engage with the water tray by sifting, pouring, scooping or mixing.

Furthermore, you could pair it with your child´s play kitchen, so they can extend their play to cooking or making potions.

Fun fact: pinecones close up after being in water for a while.


Christmas activities for toddlers

Do you want to build a snowman?

A classic Christmas activity.

Draw a snowman outline on the non-sticky side of contact paper. Using tape, stick the contact paper on a vertical surface with the sticky side facing out. Place some cotton balls and some craft items on a tray.


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