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Activities 5 Activities for Keeping Toddlers Busy at the Beach.
toddler activities at the beach

5 Activities for Keeping Toddlers Busy at the Beach.

Looking forward to the beach this summer? I know my family is! A beach vacation is perfect for spending time together time and bonding as a family. A bucket and spade can only keep little ones occupied for so long. So, I will share my top five toddler activities for keeping them busy at the beach without breaking the bank.

1-Build Number Sandcastles

In front of each sandcastle, write the numbers 1-5, or 1-10 depending on your child´s numeracy skills. Then use rocks or shells to decorate each sandcastle that corresponds to a particular number. Another way to play, use rocks to ‘draw over’ the numbers in the sand. It is an effective way to help your toddler learn.


beach activities for toddlers toddler activities at the beach

2-Buried treasure!

Draw a square in a small area of sand, bury a few items (we used sea animal figurines), rake over the top of it, and let your little one dig for treasure. Another way to play, wash the treasure afterward.


beach activities for toddlers



3-Number circles

Another toddler activity is to use a bucket to make circles in the sand. Damp sand holds the form the best. Your toddler places a rock in each circle to help with 1:1 counting (forwards and maybe backward). If you would like more suggestions of toddler activities you can do at home with numbers see this post.



beach activities for toddlers, keeping toddlers busy at the beach


4-What’s my name?

Trace their name in the sand and your toddler covers the letters with stones or shells. Note, older toddlers may like these to practice writing their own names and letters of the alphabet. You can also find further activities for name practice that your toddler can do at home here.


keeping toddlers busy at the beach



5-Tic tac toe


beach activities for toddlers


This is an old-fashioned way of keeping toddlers busy at the beach. Draw a 3×3 grid. Then each player uses a different item to place in the grid when it´s their turn. For example, a stick and a rock.


What are your favourite beach activities for toddlers? Let me know how you keep toddlers busy at the beach.

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